Happy Anniverskary, Mr. Z!

"WOWSERS! 2 Years of the Ol' Slasheroo!"
by "The Shooter" Dean Malenko

WOW!! What a long, strange trip it's been!

Who would have thought that two years ago in July of 1999, when I met that hippie dude at the autograph signing, that *I*, Dean Malenko, would become a columnist for his then brand spanking new wrestling site?!

Yes folks, if you read my inaugural column at Slashwrestling.com, (guest column archives for May 2001, "The State of Wrestling in America" *plug plug*) you will read of my tale of the first time I met the Z-man! Long story short, he was in line to get my autograph and offered me the address of his wrestling website, which at the time was http://www.CRZ.net/wrestling! Unfortunately, I displayed toolish tendencies and lost the paper he wrote it on. Next time I get a web address from one of my Malenkomaniacs I'll be sure not to leave it in my pants pocket when I do a load of laundry!

Anyway, little did I know back then that I would finally find the time to visit his site in 2001 and PROPEL IT TO SUPERSTARDOM!! Oh, you don't believe me, huh? Well, here is a timeline I made! I think you'll find the results highly intriguing!

1999: CRZ.net/wrestling is created
2000: Nothing happens
2001: I start submitting my literary masterpieces to the Slash
2001: CRZ.net/wrestling becomes wicked famous and upgrades to Slashwrestling.com!

COINCIDENCE??? Maybe. But in another, more accurate way, NO! However, there is no need to thank me, Mr. Zimmerman, for making you and your site the Intra-ma-net Superstars that you are today! While it is, has been, and will always be true that Dean Malenko = Ratings, the spotlight today is not on me! If anyone should be getting the thanking here, it is YOU, O Lord Zim! Thank YOU for giving li'l ol' me a forum to (hoarsely) voice my opinions, when the WWF and WCW would not! (I get a criminally small amount of mic time because my voice makes the arena speakers spontaneously explode, and also the WWF has told me I am "just too dull" for prime time. Tools.) But anyway, thank you for your support, CRZ, the #1 Malenkomaniac of 'em all! (oh, it's true!) And I tell you what, the support is more than mutual, old chap! From the recaps to the open forum, I dig it, and will continue to dig it! Godspeed, Mr. Zimmerman!

But what is this crap about me being "no James Bond?!" Tool!!

Peace Out,
"The Shooter" Dean Malenko